I am interested in how consumer research can be leveraged to benefit society. In my first research stream, I examine how people can be shifted away from entrenched views, and factors that affect receptiveness to the opposition. In my second research stream, I explore the role of meaning in consumer satisfaction and decision-making. I am being co-advised by Zakary Tormala and Jennifer Aaker.


Catapano, R., Tormala, Z., and Rucker, D. (2019), Perspective Taking and Self-Persuasion: Why “Putting Yourself in Their Shoes” Reduces Openness to Attitude Change. Psychological Science, 30, 424-435. [link]

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Manuscripts Under Preparation and Review

Catapano, R., Quoidbach, J., Mogilner, C., and Aaker, J. Finding Happiness in Meaning: Happiness and Meaning Converge for Low Income Individuals. (Under review at PNAS, manuscript available on request)

Shennib, F.*, Catapano, R.*, and Levav, J. Preference Reversals in Willingness to Pay and Choice (Under review at Journal of Marketing Research, manuscript available on request). (*equal contribution)

Catapano, R. and Tormala, Z. Do I Support that It’s Good or Oppose that It’s Bad? The Effect of Attitude Framing on Sharing Behavior. (In preparation, manuscript available on request)

Selected Work in Progress

Catapano, R. and Tormala, Z. Perceptions of Support- and Oppose- Framed Attitudes.

Catapano, R.*, Bechler, C.*, and Tormala, Z. Positivity Dominance in Perceptions of Attitude Change.

Catapano, R. and Tormala, Z. Attitude Framing and Purchase Decisions

Catapano, R., Hardisty, D., and Aaker, J. Moments that Last: Meaningfulness Slows Happiness Decay.

Rhia Catapano, 2019